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January 28, 2012
Hello and welcome to our website. We are the Ward family, IFB missionaries helping Pastors and Missionaries in Mexico. We are KJV/RV 1960 only and are local church. The Baptist Voice (La Voz Bautista) came into existence some 5 years ago when the Lord put it on my heart to start an IFB online radio station in Spanish after having searched for days and finding none. The Lord has blessed tremendously over these 5 plus years as we continue to reach more folks with Christ-honoring music and messages from IFB Pastors and Missionaries that God is using greatly. We also try to be a help and a blessing by providing written sermons as a means of reference or help in sermon preparation and Lord willing we will be starting an online Bible Institute in August 2016.  We humbly ask for your prayers for this ministry.

Your fellow servant en Christ,

Bro. Jon Ward, Ephesians 3.20

Dear Pastor and Church,

If you are looking to support IFB missionaries en Mexico and the Lord places it on your heart to support our ministry, please send all support to The Missionary Clearinghouse. It would be an honor and priviledge to be your representatives en Mexico. If you would like a recent prayer letter or more information about the ministries the Lord has entrusted us with, please send me an email to-

Updated 8-13-14

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